Steve Levy

July 7, 2015

Most folks I know were outraged to hear last month that a police official from a sleepy village in Nassau County was able to retire with a $1 million severance package. Unfortunately, few in Albany seem to care.

Albany Must Eliminate Overtime From Pensions July 7, 2015 by Steve Levy Published in the Albany Times Union Most […]
May 28, 2015

Taxpayer Advocates Promote Two School reforms

May 28, 2015 by Steve Levy A number of taxpayer advocacy groups have called upon the state legislature to […]
May 11, 2015

Many believe that battling with overbearing police unions makes one anti-cop. Not so.

Battle the union, but support our cops May 11, 2015 by Steve Levy Hosted on Long island Business News Suffolk […]
May 4, 2015

Center for Cost Effective Government Urges Extending Property Tax Cap Permanently

May 4th, 2015 By Steve Levy   The Center for Cost Effective Government today urged New York State lawmakers […]
April 2, 2015

Bill Would Eliminate Overtime in Pension Calculations

April 2, 2015 by Steve Levy Ground breaking legislation drafted by Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick would prohibit the practice of […]
March 13, 2015

Taxing entities wishing to effectuate economies of scale can join together in a joint purchasing program. Instead of a village going out to bid for 50 desks unilaterally, it can bid with 10 other jurisdictions where 500 desks will be purchased.

Levy: Tax rebates hinge on consolidation Hosted on Long Island Business News | March 13, 2015 by Steve Levy Did […]
February 13, 2015

Between the multiple about-faces on the merger of the comptroller’s and treasurer’s office, releasing criminal illegal immigrants, and giving money to firms moving out of the Island, Suffolk County’s governing authorities are damaging the island.

Levy: Government’s hot topics Hosted on Long Island Business News |  February 13, 2015 by Steve Levy When I first […]
January 7, 2015

While New York has made window-dressing attempts at pension reform, such as the new Tier 6 (which simply pushes out a retirement date from 62 to 63 years of age for new employees), state leaders made no effort to, for example, stop allowing overtime for current employees to be incorporated into a final pension benchmark.

Phony answers on property taxes By Steve Levy January 7, 2015 | 7:50pm Modal Trigger Shutterstock As executive director of the not-for-profit […]
November 22, 2014

As recent events illustrate, a left-leaning, bias in the media can distort the facts. Ultimately, the best way to ensure justice is through a media that is fair and accurate.

The Danger of Biased, Agenda Driven Journalism by Steve Levy This past July I published a book, Bias in […]
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