Assisting Candidates

Assisting Candidates

Steve Levy is known as one of the sharpest and experienced minds in New York State politics, winning numerous elections where it was not expected; and wining in such a way that he was able to garner 80% of the popular vote in some races. Upon his re-election as County Executive he was considered to have such a formidable record and campaign acumen that he received the cross endorsement of all four major parties.  The expertise developed over these many campaigns is what gives his company, Common Sense Strategies, the ability to take a fledgling campaign and make it a winner.

CSS will help:

  • Provide early and intense issue orientation classes for candidates so that they will be well briefed when meeting potential voters who are seeking to impress party leaders or editorialists.
  • Develop policy white pages that will help the candidate focus on the important issues within the campaign while also raising the candidate’s profile in the media.
  • Arrange meetings with the candidate and editorial boards.
  • Provide a rapid response team for press related matters.
  • Pursue endorsements from elected officials, the press and important community leaders and organizations.
  • Help the candidate build a strong volunteer base.
  • Help the candidate with the get out to vote campaign.
  • Obtain and analyze polling data.
  • Conduct research of the candidate and his/her opponent.
  • Prepare a strategic door to door canvassing operation.

CSS gets a candidate up and going early in the campaign. First impressions are crucial to a budding candidacy. CSS believes no candidate should go into an interview, a “meet-and-greet” or a political event without being totally briefed, vetted and prepared.  The candidate who seems unfocused or uninformed can kill his/her campaign before it ever gets out of the gate. However, the candidate who can effectively and succinctly tell his/her listeners why he or she is the person who should and will win, will create a sense of gravitas, buzz and electability, all which lead to a greater ability to raise funds and accumulate a grassroots following.

CSS provides the issue saturation and talking points to the candidate that will impress the most jaded editorialist or educated voter. Preparing a professional and detailed campaign plan early on will make the difference to the candiadate in becoming a viable option. It is difficult to win without money, and it is near impossible to raise significant money if the candidate is not properly prepared. CSS supplies that preparation, second to none.

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